Natural Himalayan Products


Who We Are

20 Women Co-operatives from different hilly districts of Uttarakhand came together to form a state level Producer Company, which was collectively named Trishulii. Trishulii’s mandate is to facilitate and carry out bulk processing, branding and marketing of produce from the member cooperatives. It is also sourcing and supplying critical inputs for agriculture, animal husbandry and other necessary livelihood activities, through the cooperatives to the villages, including raw material for cattle feed production to the cooperatives and is carrying out agro-produce marketing.

What We Offer

We offer a wide range of products, coming straight from the Himalayas. Grown naturally in a pollution-free environment in the mountain ranges of Uttarakhand. Our products are completely free from harmful chemicals, pesticides and GMOs. We aim to provide healthy products that are high on quality and great in taste. Our product portfolio includes the different pulses, cereals, spices of Uttarakhand.


38 Clusters

600 Villages

Over 1500 SHGs

Around 20000 Households